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10 Savings Tips for Your Wedding

One of the major milestones in a couple’s life is the Wedding Celebration.   Couple’s envision a dream wedding and try to make it happen. Then reality sets in when it comes to financing the dream!  Whether the budget is $500 or $50,000, there are ways to save on your Wedding.  Here are a few:

It’s a Date!

Be mindful! Holidays are great family time, and time off from work.  They are also the most expensive time to travel, book venues, secure accommodations, contract vendors, etc.  

Location, Location, Location

Be intentional.  Choose a location that is relatively easy for you and your guests to get to and to travel around as necessary.

My Dream Wedding – What does it look like?

Be detailed.  Timing is everything.  Eliminate surprise expenses by listing all elements of the wedding, from the flower petals to the honeymoon. Then work backward to ensure each phase is included in your timeline/task list. Share the plan with a close friend and do a Q&A to help fill in any gaps.  This should be done prior to working on the budget.

Dom Perignon or Kool-Aid – Create a realistic budget and keep track of expenses

Be Realistic.  Remember, you need to live before, during and after the ceremony!  Establish a realistic budget based on your current savings pattern.  Once the budget is established, do not increase it to include additional elements. (Refer to #3). Increasing the budget one time will open the door to increase it each time there is something enticing.   List all items that impact the budget, no matter how small.  Keep all receipts and track expenses as they occur.

You’ve Got Mail – Electronic RSVP’s

Be Resourceful. Receiving response cards via mail can be both exciting and overwhelming.  Save time and money by receiving your RSVP’s electronically through your Wedding Website.

Double-Duty Decor

Be Creative. Ceremony florals/decorations are a significant portion of the wedding budget. Consider using florals that are portable and may serve double duty for the Ceremony and Reception.

Save a few trees and funds

Be Sparing. Printing programs for each guest will impact the budget. Consider utilizing media screens or a few visual boards posted with information on the couple and wedding party.  Make it something that can be repurposed in your home. This also allows flexibility and room for creativity.  Or, develop an app or online program guests may download as they enter the ceremony.

Limit the Libations

Be accommodating. Cheers! does not have to break the bank.  Research the costs of a hosted bar vs. a cash bar.  Consider one hosted libation, then a cash bar option for guests. If there is a bar in the venue – hotel, country club – discuss having guest purchase their libation direct. Remember to consider the travel distance between the Reception Hall and the bar.  We don’t want the party to move to the bar area.)

At Your Service

Be attentive. Discuss the meal service – plated, family style or buffet.  Depending on the venue, service staff may be at a premium.  Discuss all options before making a decision on the meal service and vendor.  The type of service should not change the taste of the meal.  


Be Personal.  Some personal touches make the biggest impact and will save some dollars.  Be creative and make some of your items (signs, ring pillow, broom, bouquets, etc.) to add a personal touch to your special day.

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